Intimate Gatherings

Today's buzz of fast-paced life affords little opportunity to take pause and experience the entirety of the present. Spending time in the company of family and friends captivated by the delights of the table, is a treasured human tradition that provides an escape to the primordial pleasure of sharing a common experience with others.

Through intimate gatherings, you and yours can reclaim that time and treat yourselves to a respite from modern distractions by surrendering to a space where simple joys are savored and celebrated at the table. 

Coursed and plated meals start at $125 per person
Casual Family Style meals start at $95 per person
Drop-off Family-Style meal starts at $75 per person
Reception pricing determined with menu, group size, and service style

Private Wine Classes

Great wines have an allure that capture our dreams of transformation. They have been our great ally through the development of human civilization and intimidate many with their variances and mysteries. Let me guide you and your friends through the diverting journey of tasting and learning about the world of wine, one swish at a time.

Starting at $125 per person