b a l a n c e

I am, obviously, a person whose thoughts often bend toward food and wine: toward the dance between flavors and the what it means for something to find balance- both on the palate and in life. I think that food and wine can serve as a reflection of our own lives. We find ourselves obsessed with the superficial level of food- how this specific food and, or wine somehow made our day more meaningful today- how it somehow brought us closer to enlightenment. We pretend that having the perfect breakfast or some incredibly well crafted glass of wine somehow brings complexity to our day. But I can't help but feel that we're missing something. What if what we're tasting isn't enlightenment, but the recognition of a deeper part of our souls. As if the taste of something perfectly balanced somehow reminds our soul what balance is and that, even if we cannot create it in our daily lives, we can at the very least taste it and lose ourselves in that perfection for a few stolen moments. I believe that well-crafted food and wine set the stage for life to happen- they are not what life is all about. They are the surface- the platform on which great moments can occur- when people can not only connect with each other, but also themselves. 

Tonight I enjoyed a few glasses of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and made a quesadilla. Was it the greatest dinner of my life? No, certainly not! But it was satisfying and afforded me a relaxed mind and ample time after a long day to pick-up my old violin a play for a while. Balance. 

Andreya Nightingale